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Animal care

Each patient in our boarding facility is treated as if they were our own, and we take every precaution when it comes to their health and safety. If anything happens to your pet while boarding we will call the emergency contact provided.  If a medical emergency situation arises, we will begin treatment immediately if an owner has given us written approval on our boarding agreement. If a situation arises that is a concern, but not considered an emergency by the doctor we will then contact the owner before any treatment.


We are confident that your pet will be comfortable during his/her stay with us. Katie and her team of TLC specialists will take extra special care of your family friend.

Feline Boarding

Cats must be up-to-date on the feline distemper and rabies vaccines, be free from parasites, have a negative FELV test, and have a negative fecal test within 6 months of boarding.

Small cat cage

Kitty condos (cage double wide)

Canine Boarding

Canines must be up to date on the following vaccines and free from parasites: rabies, distemper, bordetella, canine influenza H3N8, canine influenza H3N2, lepto, and a negative fecal test within 6 months of boarding.


Each dog or cat patient receives a Capstar to kill fleas, which is taken orally and stays in the animal's system for 24 hours. There is no adverse effect on your animal if you use any other flea control products.

Small cage

Medium cage

Large cage


Boarding for the day

You may bring your own food, bedding, and dishes for your pet if you wish, but we provide them as well.  All bedding must also be machine washable.

Bath Services

The bathing services include blow dry and brush out. Dematting and shaving services are also available. Fees for these services are based upon the severity of matting, size of the animal, and patient's temperament.

Dog Walking Services

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and current with all boarding requirements. They must have a properly fitted and safe collar or harness with a strong leash that passes the inspection by March Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights, IL.


This is to make sure that it's safe for dog walking. If your leash or collar does not pass our inspection, they will be walked using our equipment. All dogs must wear a collar with identification tags (name, license, and contact numbers). They must also be friendly with unfamiliar people.


In the best interest of both your dog and March Animal Hospital, Dog walks will not occur if the temperature is below 25F or above 90F, if there are high winds, or if there is heavy rain or snow that prevents normal walking conditions.  In the event of inclement weather, no charges will be applied for dog walking.  If a situation arises at March Animal Hospital preventing the dog walk to occur as scheduled, no charges will be applied for the dog walking.

Treating Your Pets With Care And Hospitality

Pet boarding available.

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